Privacy Statement

CN Coaching will always adhere to current laws regarding Privacy. We aim to always hold secure the Privacy of all individuals we deal with. Your details will be stored in our management system and may be used for advertising, promotional or alike services.


We acknowledge and respect that your privacy is of utmost importance. We protect the privacy of the individuals with whom we deal in accordance with the Privacy Act, 1998.


What information do we collect?

CN Coaching only collects personally identifying information that is pertinent to the service that we provide to our clients. This information includes contact details, student details, location information, and billing and payment details.


Your personal information:

Will be kept absolutely confidential and will not be sold to any other party for any purpose unless it is a legal requirement to do so, or unless you have agreed to divulge certain information in accordance with our terms and conditions.


Will be only be used by our company to provide a quality tuition service for you.

May be used to aid in providing the services that you have requested from us, particularly the organisation of tuition sessions.


Web usage information:

We collect web usage information from our site visitors, including: browser details, operating system information, as well as the time spent on our site and the number of visits an individual has made to our site. Web usage information is used only to improve the service that we provide to you.



For any privacy concerns, please contact us.




Version 1.6 May 2013